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The JESD204A interface – The key to broadband wireless system miniaturization [PDF] (0.35 MB)
Date: December 2010
Authors: Maury Wood, High-Speed Data Converter Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors

The new JEDEC JESD204A high speed serial data converter interface offers many system design and system cost advantages; see NXP Semiconductors estimates that early adopters of this SerDes-based interface are realizing a 25 % to 40 % Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings, which quickly pays for the NRE (such as expert-level specification competence, implementing the system change, testing the new system design, etc.) associated with moving to this plug and play point-to-point unidirectional interconnect.

Business and Commercial Implications of NXP Semiconductors' New JEDEC JESD204A High-Speed Data Converters [PDF] (0.24 MB)
Date: 2 June, 2009
Authors: Bradley Loisel, Maury Wood, NXP Semiconductors

This whitepaper enumerates the various areas of enhanced ease-of-use and costs saving that the adoption of this new data converter interface standard offers to system engineers and product planners / product marketers at equipment OEMs. The cost savings opportunities presented by JESD204A are compelling, and might come as a pleasant surprise in terms of enabling enhanced profit margins in next-generation product offerings.

Technical Analysis of the JEDEC JESD204A Data Converter Interface [PDF] (0.88 MB)
Date: 2 June, 2009
Authors: Maury Wood, High-Speed Data Converter Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors

The JEDEC JESD204A data converter interface standard utilizes communications systems technology, such as CML compliant switching, clock/data recovery, 8B/10B encoding, data scrambling, and some pretty clever in-band protocols to establish system synchronization and data lane alignment without data loss. This whitepaper is a digest of the full JEDEC JESD204A specification for technologists interested in a moderate level of detail. It is intended to provide an easily readable introduction to the full 88 page JEDEC standard.

Solid-state backlighting boosts the TV viewing experience [PDF] (0.58MB)
Date: 25 January, 2008
Authors: Pierre de Greef, Hendriek Groot Hulze and Harm van der Heijden

Solid-state backlighting using LEDs has a number of distinct advantages in LCD TV applications. Compared to the Cold Cathode Fluoresent Lamps (CCFL) and Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (HCDF) that currently dominate the market in large-area LCD backlighting. LEDs can offer significantly better power efficiency.

The car audio challenge: More power, more heat, less room to design [PDF] (0.13MB)
Date: 01 December, 2007
Authors: Michael Kaufmann and Kees van der Wolf, NXP Semiconductors

As premium sound systems grow in size and power requirements, Class-D audio amplifiers are being redesigned to answer the unique automotive challenge.

NXP's Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP) gets the edge in fast-action HDTV [PDF] (0.21MB)
Date: 21 September 2007
Author: Harm van der Heijden and Jacco van Gurp, NXP Semiconductors

Large-area high-definition LCD TV panels have transformed the shape of television, opening up new opportunities for set styling and a vastly improved viewing experience. They have also presented set-makers with significant challenges, not least of which is overcoming the fact that an LCD's sample-and-hold effect emphasizes motion judder.

Turning consumer electronics green [PDF] (0.44MB)
Date: 15 June 2007
Authors: Dr. Aly Aamer Syed, Peter Klapproth and Francesco Pessolano, NXP Semiconductors

Achieving low power consumption requires a system-level approach that addresses power consumption both at chip level and system level. With so many of today's consumer devices hooked into networks such as in-home digital networks or the Internet, power saving may even need to be considered at network level.

The revolution in the TV viewing experience [PDF] (0.29MB)
Date: June 2007
Author: Menno Kleingeld, NXP Semiconductors

In 2006 people gave their first glimpse of a revolution in TV viewing - the beginnings of a world where everyone will be able to access and enjoy more multimedia content or more devices than ever; anytime, anywhere. In 2007 the introduction of advanced new consumer products started to make that world mainstream giving everybody the change to have quick and easy access to their favorite TV.

NXP Semiconductors puts the connected living in the fast track with 5Ghz broadband [PDF] (0.89MB)
Date: April 2007
Author: Paul Martin, NXP Semiconductors

It is clear that if the availability of digital content is to take off quickly then the industry can not rely on consumers rewiring their homes with Ethernet or coax cables. The faster development, lower installation costs, configuration flexibility and other advantages of wireless networks have already been well established.

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