Discrete and logic SMD plastic packages go Dark Green

September 10, 2009
Dark green

Finalization of halogen-free transfer Small-signal discrete and logic SMD plastic packages go “Dark Green”

As one of the first suppliers in the market, NXP has finalized the transfer to halogen-free packaging technology for its small-signal discrete and logic surface mount devices (SMD). From now on the majority of discretes and logic produced ban the use of halogens and antimony in the material, which is used as flame retardant in the mold compound. Additionally, Dark Green products are also fully RoHS compliant with the European Union directive 2002/95/EC. At the same time, the shift to halogen-free does not change any product parameters nor affect existing qualification, such as the automotive standard AEC-Q101 that some products are compliant with.

NXP Dark Green products do not contain the substances exceeding the limits as below:


Substances Limit
Antimony Oxides (Sb2O3, Sb2O5) < 900 ppm
Chlorinated Brominated Compounds Σ < 900 ppm

NXP customers benefit from this transfer to Dark Green as environmental safety aspects are getting more important for manufacturing processes and are acknowledged as a value of its own in the eyes of end customers.

Years ahead of upcoming legislation, NXP has already developed products in packages such as its ultra-small discrete leadless and Logic leadless DQFN and MicroPak that are exclusively assembled in Dark Green mold compound since inception. These activities reflect NXP's deep commitment to developing eco-friendly products and integrating environmental safety aspects in all manufacturing processes. “Dark Green” products can be recognized by the “Halogen Free” logo on the box label.

Discrete / Logic SMD plastic packages - Dark Green transfer finalised
Package Package description
SOD123F SMD package, 2 pins
SOD123W SMD package "FlatPower", 2 pins
SOD128 SMD package "FlatPower", 2 pins
SOD323 (SC-76) SMD package, 2 pins
SOD323F (SC-90) SMD package, 2 pins
SOD523 (SC-79) SMD package, 2 pins
SOD882 Leadless ultra small package, 2 terminals
SOT1045 Leadless DQFN, 20 terminals
SOT1059 (XSON10U) Leadless ultra-thin package, 10 terminals
SOT1061 (HUSON3) Leadless package, 3 terminals
SOT1089 Leadless package, 3 terminals
SOT1115 Leadless MicroPak, 8 terminals
SOT1116 Leadless MicroPak, 6 terminals
SOT1134 Leadless MicroPak, 60 terminals
SOT143B SMD package, 4 pins
SOT223 (SC-73) SMD package, 4 pins
SOT23 SMD package, 3 pins
SOT323 (SC-70) SMD package, 3 pins
SOT353 (SC-88A) PicoGate / SMD package, 5 pins
SOT362 TSSOP, 48 pins
SOT363 (SC-88) PicoGate / SMD package, 6 pins
SOT416 (SC-75) SMD package, 3 pins
SOT457 (SC-74) PicoGate / SMD package, 6 pins
SOT505-2 PicoGate, 8 pins
SOT536 BGA, 96 balls
SOT537 BGA, 114 balls
SOT650 Leadless MicroPak, 10 terminals
SOT663 SMD package, 3 pins
SOT665 SMD package, 5 pins
SOT666 SMD package, 6 pins
SOT702 BGA, 56 balls
SOT753 PicoGate, 5 pins
SOT762 Leadless DQFN, 14 terminals
SOT763 Leadless DQFN, 16 terminals
SOT764 Leadless DQFN, 20 terminals
SOT815 Leadless DQFN, 24 terminals
SOT833 Leadless ultra small package / MicroPak, 8 terminals
SOT883 (SC-101) Leadless ultra small package / MicroPak, 3 terminals
SOT886 (XSON6) Leadless ultra small package / MicroPak, 6 terminals
SOT891 (XSON6) Leadless ultra small package / MicroPak, 6 terminals
SOT89 (SC-62) SMD package, 3 pins
SOT902 Leadless MicroPak, 8 terminals
SOT996 PicoGate, 8 pins

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