100 V N-channel small-signal MOSFETs in SOT223

November 19, 2012

NXP Semiconductors has just released the PMT200EN and PMT760EN, two new 100 V N-channel small-signal MOSFETs in SMD plastic package SOT223. Using the latest Trench technology, these products feature low RDSon  with high ID max. current, low QG and low switching times for fast switching performance.

The PMT200EN and PMT760EN are ideal for LCD TV backlight driving and general purpose LED driving applications as well as high voltage load switches for industrial applications.

The two MOSFETS are part of our extensive portfolio of recently released, small-signal MOSFETs in small and medium-power packages. The portfolio contains P- and N-channel types from 12 to 300 V with very low RDSON values, automotive qualified and ESD protected types. Visit our dedicated campaign page for more details, and order your samples today.

Download datasheet

Key technical features

Key parameter PMT200EN PMT760EN
VDS max [V] 100 100
VGS max [V] 20 20
VGSth range [V] 1.3 - 2.5 1.3 - 2.5
RDSon typ @ 4.5 V 190 mOhm  760 mOhm
I[A] 3.3  1.3
QG typ [nC] 7.4  2.4
ton (=tr+tdon) [ns] 9  6
toff (=tf+tdoff) [ns] 14  11


  • Relay driver
  • LED backlight driver
  • Low-side loadswitch
  • Switching circuits

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