NXP at Cartes

November 09, 2012

At Cartes 2012 we had the pleasure of welcoming a great number of customers to the NXP booth. Visitors were able to explore how our Trusted Smart Life Solutions can quickly and seamlessly help resolve security and authentication issues that our ever-evolving, faster-pace urbanized world is creating. Identification applications were demonstrated, highlighting to the consumer the growing benefits the technology enables in a typical smart city and launched via smart cards and/or smart devices.

Those who afforded the time to fully explore our booth saw some very thought-provoking applications, such as a “magic” NFC wall, an NFC-enabled supermarket and a virtual smart city interactive display, highlighting the deployment of NFC solutions in many new applications which interact with the consumer. All this helped to solidify why NXP is #1 in the global identification market and the leader in eGovernment, bank card, tags & authentication, readers and mobile technology applications.

In addition to winning two SESAMES awards for the second consecutive year, leading three workshops and providing three presentations, NXP demonstrated on the floor and throughout the week why it is the ideal partner for creating Smart Life Solutions that authenticate identities, secure transactions and provide convenient interactions in both our core markets as well as creating new and emerging Identification applications.

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