NXP offers the broadest DFN1006 transistor portfolio in the industry

November 19, 2012

NXP now offers more than 200 transistors (BJTs and small-signal N- and P-channel MOSFETs) in the ultra-small, discrete flat no-leads package DFN1006-3 (SOT883 and SOT883B). This is the industry’s largest portfolio in this small transistor package with a body size of only 1 x 0.6 mm and a height down to 0.37 mm.

Our new portfolio includes a wide range of general purpose and switching transistors as well as highly efficient BJTs and MOSFETs that contribute to lower power consumption. For instance:

  • Industry standard types BC847 and BC857, PMBT3904 and PMBT3906
  • A broad choice of 84 resistor equipped transistors (RETs), which cover all standard resistor combinations
  • Low VCEsat transistor PBSS2515MB with ICM up to 1 A and ultra-low saturation voltage of 150 mV
  • 20-60 V MOSFETs such as PMZB290UN featuring extremely low on-resistance down to 250 mΩ, which reduces conduction losses


  • Power conversion and switching functionalities in small, thin and battery-driven electronic devices (smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, eReaders etc.)
  • Other space-constrained applications (automotive dashboards, LED TV sets etc.)

NXP's DFN1006 portfolio offers the same high electrical and thermal performance as equivalent devices in much larger packages such as SOT23, SOT323 or SOT416. A replacement saves valuable space on the PCB, as the 1006 mm (0402 inch) sized leadless package has a 10 times smaller footprint and is less than half the height of SOT23.

By offering the industry’s broadest portfolio in DFN1006, along with the ability to deliver very large quantities, NXP is ready to support you for a smooth transition from larger packages to this ultra-small transistor package.

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