NextPower Live! – MOSFETs for a non-stop world

November 23, 2012

Reliable linear mode performance AND low RDS(on) efficiency in “hot-swap” and “soft-start” applications

Non-stop applications Non-stop equipment
  • Cloud computing
  •  Blade servers
  • Network storage
  •  Routers, switches & base stations
  • Communications infrastructure
  •  RAID arrays
  • Industrial process control
  •  Industrial PCs
  • Transaction processing
  •  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Traffic monitoring & signalling
  •  Digital video recorders
  • CCTV security
  • “Hot-swap” & “soft-start” systems


Mobile phones, ATMs, traffic signals, the internet – so much of our daily life is dependent on rack-based computers, communications and storage, that need to be maintained with the power on. NextPower Live MOSFETs are designed specifically for such applications:

  • When a replacement board is plugged into a live system, it is important that the in-rush current is carefully controlled, to protect the components on the board and to ensure that other parts of the system do not experience any power disruption. MOSFETs with a strong linear mode performance and wide safe operating area (SOA) are required to manage this current effectively and reliably.
  • Once the replacement board is safely installed, the MOSFET is turned fully ON. In this mode of operation, a low RDS(on) value is of primary importance, helping to keep temperatures down and system efficiency at a maximum.

Only NextPower Live MOSFETs offer reliable linear mode performance AND low RDS(on) efficiency.


30 V

for 12 V supplies used in computing applications

100 V

for 48 V supplies used in telecomunications










(specifically for PoE applications)



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*"E" suffix indicates extra strength SOA capability*

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