Two new 2 A low VCEsat transistors in SOT89

December 03, 2012

NXP has extended its low VCEsat transistor portfolio with two new 2 A, 40 V types in a medium power flat-lead SOT89 package. The PBSS4240X (NPN) and PBSS5240X (PNP) combine low saturation voltage, high collector current and high current gain. The new BJTs are especially ideal for industrial and automotive applications. Due to the integrated heatsink, the devices have excellent thermal performances with a maximum Ptotal (total power dissipation) of 1350 mW.

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Key features and benefits

  • High thermal power capability with Ptotal of 1350 mW
  • High efficiency, less heat generation
  • Low collector-emitter saturation voltage VCEsat
  • High collector current capability IC = 2 A and ICM = 3 A
  • High current gain hFe
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

Key applications

  • Power supplies
  • Battery charger
  • LCD backlighting
  • Driver in low supply voltage applications (e.g. lamps and LEDs)
  • DC-to-DC conversion
  • Supply line switching
  • Inductive load driver (e.g. relays, buzzers and motors)

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