NXP the first TOPTriac supplier in the industry

July 12, 2013

NXP has cemented itself as a top thyristor supplier for major home appliance manufacturers and one of the fastest growing companies that provides low and medium power thyristors!

As a technology leader in planar passivated triacs, we provide the utmost in ruggedness, quality and reliability. We are also the leading supplier of Hi-Com triacs. Along with our ACT / ACTT series, these products deliver high immunity to power line disturbance noise, which is a critical design consideration.

NXP is also the first TOPTriac (Temperature and Overload Protection Triac) supplier that provides “smart & intelligent” self protection, improving the safety capabilities for many appliances. This feature is useful for a variety of applications that may experience overloading, over-current or over-temperature events by using the appropriate triggering and reset functionality.

We strive to serve the leading OEMs in the home appliances and power supplies segments by providing highly efficient, competitive, high quality power components.

Widely used in washing machines and other white goods, NXP’s three-quadrant, Hi-Com triacs allow low cost, efficient and reliable electronic control of AC loads. They offer a vey robust commutation performance and high dynamic performance, which provide high immunity to false triggering. With the added benefit of planar passivation, these triacs do not need protection components like transient suppressors, VDRs, MOVs, snubbers or capacitors. Simpler circuitry leads to increased reliability.

A wide range of package options satisfies all application needs, while sensitive gate options allow direct triggering from logic ICs and microcontrollers without the need for separate gate drivers.

Features and benefits

  • Highest VDRMand high dVD/dt for increased static stability
  • High dIT/dt of 100A/μs for greater resistance to fast current transients
  • High dIcom/dt and dVcom/dt for better commutation performance
  • Optimized for use with logic ICs
  • Wide variety of package options for all mounting and assembly arrangements 
Current ITRMS
Voltage VDRM
Package NXP part
0.8 A 600 V SOT54(TO92) BTA2008-600D
0.8 A 800 V SOT54(TO92) BTA2008-800D
1 A 600 V SOT54(TO92) Z0107MA0
1 A 600 V SOT54(TO92) BTA201-600E
2 A 600V SOT186A
(Isolated TO220AB)
4 A 600 V SOT428(DPAK) BTA204S-600E
8 A 800 V SOT186A
(Isolated TO220AB)
10 A 800 V SOT186A
(Isolated TO220AB)
12 A 600 V SOT78(TO220AB) BTA312-600C/CT
16 A 600 V SOT186A
(Isolated TO220AB)
20 A 800 V SOT78(TO220AB) BTA420-800CT


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