RF Manual 17th edition out now!

June 17, 2013

Application and design manual for High Performance RF products

NXP's RF Manual is one of the most important reference tools on the market for today’s RF designers. It features our complete range of RF products, from low- to high-power signal conditioning, organized by application and function, and with a focus on design-in support.

RF Manual 17th edition - What’s new?

  • This edition highlights several important applications, including small cell, optical mini and midi node, cable modem, GPS for mobile health and fitness, GPS for L2 and L5 bands, RF energy and ISM up to 1600 Mhz.
  • New products include broadband amplifiers for TV and satellite systems, an upstream VGA for Docsis 3.0 and a VSAT downconverter. Also included are next-generation devices and enhanced products such as 8th generation LDMOS transistors (Gen8), GPS LNAs, wireless infrastructure LNAs, satellite downconverters, CATV power doublers, overmolded plastic (OMP) RF power transistors, GaN power amplifiers and low-power wireless microcontrollers.
  • The section on design support is updated and includes the most recent tools, documents, materials, and links that make design-in easier.
  • Also new for this edition is the Engineer's Corner, an online engineer-to-engineer community for RF small-signal design that lets you collaborate, get technical support, and share ideas with other developers. Curious? Check our online engineer-to-engineer community now.

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