plastic single-ended package; isolated heatsink mounted; 1 mounting hole; 3-lead TO-220 "full pack"

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Package VersionPackage NamePackage DescriptionReference CodesIssue Date
SOT186ATO-220Fplastic single-ended package; isolated heatsink mounted; 1 mounting hole; 3-lead TO-220 "full pack"3-lead TO-220F (JEDEC); 2006-02-14

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Bipolar transistors

Type numberDescriptionQuick access
BUJ103AXNPN power transistor
BUJ302AXNPN power transistor
BUJ303AXNPN power transistor
BUJD203AXNPN power transistor with integrated diode
PHE13005XSilicon diffused power transistor


Type numberDescriptionQuick access
BYQ28X-200Dual ultrafast power diode
BYQ28X-200EDual ultrafast power diodes
BYV34X-600Dual ultrafast power diode
BYV410X-600Dual enhanced ultrafast power diode
NXPS20H100CXDual power Schottky diode
NXPS20S100CXDual power Schottky diode


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ACTT10X-800CAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT10X-800CTAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT12X-800CAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT12X-800CTAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT12X-800CTNEnhanced, high temperature ACTT power switch
ACTT16X-800CTNEnhanced, high temperature ACTT power switch
ACTT2X-800EAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT4X-800CAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT4X-800EAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT6X-800EAC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT8X-800C0AC Thyristor Triac power switch
ACTT8X-800C0TAC Thyristor Triac power switch
BT136X-6004Q Triac
BT136X-600D4Q Triac
BT136X-600E4Q Triac
BT136X-600F4Q Triac
BT136X-8004Q Triac
BT136X-800E4Q Triac
BT137X-6004Q Triac
BT137X-600D4Q Triac
BT137X-600E4Q Triac
BT137X-600F4Q Triac
BT137X-600G4Q Triac
BT137X-8004Q Triac
BT137X-800E4Q Triac
BT138X-6004Q Triac
BT138X-600D4Q Triac
BT138X-600E4Q Triac
BT138X-600F4Q Triac
BT138X-600G4Q Triac
BT138X-8004Q Triac
BT138X-800E4Q Triac
BT138X-800F4Q Triac
BT139X-6004Q Triac
BT139X-600E4Q Triac
BT139X-600F4Q Triac
BT139X-600G4Q Triac
BT139X-8004Q Triac
BT234X-600D4Q Triac
BT234X-600E4Q Triac
BT234X-800D4Q Triac
BT234X-800E4Q Triac
BT236X-6004Q Triac
BT236X-600F4Q Triac
BT236X-600G4Q Triac
BT236X-8004Q Triac
BT236X-800G4Q Triac
BTA202X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA202X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA202X-800D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA202X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-1000C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-600B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-600C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-600F3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-800C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA204X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA206X-800CT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA206X-800ET3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-1000B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-1000C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-1000C03Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-600B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-600F3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-800B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA208X-800F3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA212X-600B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA212X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA212X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA212X-600F3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA212X-800B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA212X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA216X-600B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA216X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA216X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA216X-600F3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA216X-800B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA308X-800B03Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA308X-800C03Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA310X-600C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA310X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA310X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA310X-800C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA310X-800D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA310X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-600B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-600C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-600D3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-800B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-800C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA312X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-600B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-600C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-600E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-800B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-800B03Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-800C3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA316X-800E3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA330X-800BT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA410X-600BT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA410X-600CT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA410X-600ET3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA410X-800BT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA410X-800CT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA410X-800ET3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA420X-800BT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA420X-800CT3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA425X-800B3Q Hi-Com Triac
BTA425X-800BT3Q Hi-Com Triac
MAC223A8X4Q Triac

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