About NXP® Analog Products

For designers of embedded control systems, NXP provides highly integrated products for Power Management, Relay Replacement, and Motion Control applications. Unlike traditional analog suppliers with single-function capabilities, NXP captures multiple essential functions into single ICs improving and simplifying system design. Customers benefit through cost effectivenes and reduced time to market.

NXP designs and develops highly integrated, mixed-signal analog integrated circuits. More than just op-amps and regulators, we combine critical system functions into exciting solutions for our customers. NXP Analog products can be found in many applications including wireless communications, digital and hard copy imaging, and automotive and industrial. We are building on our strengths in power control and power management to add compelling new products to our portfolio.

NXP ICs are highly robust and provide many unique features for powering, controlling, and communicating. Our proprietary SMARTMOS mixed-signal process allows high-density logic to co-exist with both analog and power functions, providing significant benefits to the designer.These benefits include ease-of-use, outstanding IC-and load-protection features, reduced parts count, and high reliability.

Our standard product offerings include Power Switching ICs, Power Management ICs, Network Transceivers, Automotive Safety Products, and Special Function Devices. Products are offered in both single chip and package levels of integration. Each of these devices uses the SMARTMOS process as the common building block, and add capability as needed by our customers. Many of these devices are designed to work in conjunction with NXP microprocessors, microcontrollers, and DSPs.