Continuous improvement is part of what we do every day at NXP. It is used in our manufacturing and business operations to ensure we meet or exceed your expectations. From a large process re-engineering project to a manufacturing employee realizing their production tool is not running as it should, continuous improvement is everyone’s responsibility.

    Continuous improvement means constantly adapting. We do this by:

    • Defining the objective
    • Obtaining data
    • Analyzing the data
    • Making decisions to implement changes
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of the changes
    • Evaluating the controls to ensure the gains are maintained

    We use a high level process, Align - Mobilize - Accelerate – Govern (AMAG) to help organize and assess the importance of continuous improvement projects. This proven framework also drives those activities through to a successful completion.

    Our Continuous Improvement Process Tools

    • 5S
    • Business process re-engineering
    • Lean production
    • Six Sigma
    • Total productive maintenance
    • Kaizen
    • Internal audit
    • Customer audits
    • Customer-focus team inputs