RF Power GaN and LDMOS Solutions for Defense

    RF Power GaN and LDMOS Transistors for Aerospace and Defense

    Our RF aerospace and defense portfolio offers high power RF solutions consisting of GaN and LDMOS technologies that support a wide range of needs for defense and commercial applications.

    Application Examples

    • HF, VHF, and UHF Radar
    • L-Band and S-Band Radar
    • IFF and Transponders
    • Communications
    • Avionics
    • Missile Guidance
    • Electronic Warfare

    NXP offers a diverse portfolio for the aerospace and defense market that include 50 V GaN and LDMOS devices that range from high power output (up to 1.8 kW), to the extremely rugged (> 65:1 VSWR), as well as 28 V GaN and LDMOS devices that operate up to 3000 MHz.

    NXP RF Defense value proposition

    • Device technologies (LDMOS, GaAs, GaN)
    • Extensive existing COTS portfolio of RF power devices
    • Applications knowledge and support
      • Reference designs
      • Applications circuits
      • Specialized characterizations
    • NXP product longevity program — 10 or 15 years warranted supply availability
    • Well positioned to enable SWaP (size, weight and power) upgrades
      • Industry-leading plastic packaging platforms
      • Airfast product performance improvements

    Our dedicated team of specialists will also offer ITAR customer support including technical data, applications support and circuits and reference designs.

    NXP Competitive Advantages

    • Highest ruggedness capability in the industry — > 65:1 VSWR
    • Highest gain figures in the industry — up to 26 dB
    • Highest efficiency in the industry — up to 80% at P1dB
    • Available in a wide frequency range — 1 to 3000 MHz
    • Cost-effective, over-molded plastic packaging options
    • Low thermal resistance, over-molded plastic packaging
    • NXP Product Longevity Program (10 or 15 years)
    • U.S. LDMOS fabrication and dedicated internal manufacturing
    • Dedicated U.S.-based defense applications and systems engineering support
    • Backed by Our secure volume manufacturing capability
    • Proven reliability, quality and consistency
    • Integrated ESD protection with greater negative gate-source voltage range for improved Class C operation
    • ITAR compliant, secure technical data handling