Our vast range of industry-standard amplifiers guarantees the perfect match for your design

With a vast range of industry-standard amplifiers, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your design requirements. We are also continually improving performance and introducing new devices as well as offering ever-smaller package options. NXP is a leading provider of affordable, easy-to-use audio amplifier ‘workhorses’ that provide superior sound quality and reduced component count.

New and updated products


1 GHz, 22 dB gain GaAs high output power doubler


1 GHz, 25 dB gain GaAs high output power doubler

Key features and benefits

  • Superior robustness
  • Complete portfolio from low to high output power
  • Analog and digital inputs available
  • Pin-to-pin compatible families
  • Excellent EMC performance

Key applications

  • Portable audio
  • Flatscreen and CRT TV and home theatre systems
  • Active / multimedia speakers
  • Car audio systems
  • AV receivers

Design tools & Assets

A central place for your design support and tooling. For today´s short product development cycles, NXP helps you with this portal to simplify your design.
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Training & events

View or download the latest product and application modules; developed by engineers for engineers

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In this section you can find the shows and events where you can meet NXP

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Descriptive summary

From multichannel home theater surround systems to tiny cell phones, we cover virtually every system in the home, in the car, or on the move.

Class-AB audio amplifiers

Our class-AB amplifiers cover one to four channels, offer low-to-high power options, and are available in pin-to-pin compatible families.

Class-D audio amplifiers

Our class-D amplifiers deliver superior sound quality, greater robustness, and use practically inaudible power reduction to avoid over-temperature conditions. Our Class-D amplifiers are also available in wide output power ranges and pin-to-pin compatible families. They are offered in various packages and can also be implemented on single layer PCB designs to save cost.

Demo boards

Type numberDescriptionStatusQuick access
OM7858BGA3012: 1 GHz 12 dB gain wideband amplifier application 
OM7859BGA3015: 1 GHz 15 dB gain wideband amplifier application 
OM7860BGA3018: 1 GHz 18 dB gain wideband amplifier application 
OM7861BGA301x Wideband Variable Gain Amplifier Application 
OM7862BGA3012: 5 MHz to 300 MHz 12 dB reverse amplifier application 
OM7863BGA3015: 5 MHz to 300 MHz 15 dB reverse amplifier application 
OM7864BGA3018: 5 MHz to 300 MHz 18 dB reverse amplifier application 
OM7865BGA3018: 40 MHz to 2600 MHz wideband amplifier application 
OM7866BGA3012: 40 MHz to 1006 MHz push-pull amplifier application 
OM7867BGA3015: 40 MHz to 1006 MHz push-pull amplifier application 
OM7868BGA3018: 40 MHz to 1006 MHz push-pull amplifier application 
TFA9881DDigital PDM-input mono 3.4 W Class-D audio amplifier TFA9881 stereo evaluation board 

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