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Linear Regulator

NXP® has more than 20 years of experience in the development of sophisticated power management integrated circuits (PMICs). In the realm of linear voltage regulation, NXP has developed a family of PMIC products that combine several popular functions that are typically used in automotive MCU-based systems. These device types are referred to as System Basis Chips (SBCs). They utilize Our SMARTMOS® technology.

The devices contain a combination of Low Drop Out (LDO) voltage regulator(s), High side switches and many have a physical layer transceiver (CAN, LIN). The SBC devices are controlled by an MCU through a SPI interface. They also possess various power saving modes such as standby, sleep and stop, along with other features such as wakeup, watchdog timer, etc..

What's New

Fail Silent System Basis Chips

  • The FS6500 and FS4500 provides power to MCUs and optimizes energy consumption through a DC/DC.
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