These highly integrated RFCMOS-based solutions enable designers to reduce component count and avoid spending time on complex system integration, without compromising performance. They are designed for single-tuner AM/FM and digital radio applications— combining a low-IF AM/FM tuner and digital signal processing on a single chip.


  • All-in-one digital receiver including tuner and software defined radio processing
  • FM receiver with a tuning range from 65 MHz to 108 MHz covering OIRT, Japan, Europe and US bands
  • AM receiver covering Long Wave (LW), Medium Wave (MW) and full Short Wave (SW) bands
  • Fully integrated tuning system combining low phase noise and fast tuning times
  • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100

Target Applications

  • Automotive analog AM/FM and HD/DRM reception

Product Order Description
TEF665X DSP-based radio tuner one-chip
TEF668X Low IF tuner high performance one-chip
TEF7006_TEF7007 FM-RDS/TMC Background Receivers
TEF701X Scalable advanced background receiver