KITMPC5744DBEVM: Evaluation daughter board - NXP® MPC5744P, 32-bit Microcontroller



Kit Contains

  • Assembled and tested evaluation board/module in anti-static bag
  • The board preloaded with demo software
  • Quick Start Guide, Analog Tools
  • Warranty card

Supported Devices

  • MPC574xP: Ultra-Reliable MPC574xP MCU for Automotive & Industrial Safety Applications
  • MC33908: Safe System Basis Chip with Buck and Boost DC/DC up to 1.5A on Vcore

Get Started

Get Started with the KITMPC5744DBEVM Evaluation Daughter Board

Everything you need to get started with the KITMPC5744DBEVM Evaluation Daughter Board

  • MPC574xP Factsheet
  • Contains a brief product description.
  • Type: Fact Sheet Format: pdf Size: 308.8 kB
  • Basic SW Drivers for MPC5744P
  • Describes the Basic Software driver package was created as a part of demo software for KITMPC5643DBEVM Daughter Board (EVM)
  • Type: Users Guide Format: pdf Size: 854.2 kB