S32V230: S32V230 Family of Processors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Hardware & Software Engineering Services (3)

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  • Linux4biz
  • Linux4biz is a leading software company that provides professional services for embedded devices. With over 12 years experience in embedded Linux and in embedded Android we bring to the market ...
  • Engineering ConsultantEurope
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  • PhoenixMicro Inc.
  • PhoenixMicro, Inc. offers Training and Consulting focusing on Power Architecture and ARM Technology. It includes NXP SoCs such as QorIQ, Layerscape, PowerQUICC, and MPC5xxx devices.We have a combined experience of ...
  • Engineering ConsultantAsia, Americas, Europe, Japan
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  • Au-Zone Technologies is an Independent Design House (IDH) specializing in turnkey product development and engineering design services.EMBEDDED COMPUTER VISION (eCV)Our specific focus is in embedded computer vision and acceleration solutions. ...
  • Engineering ConsultantAsia, Europe, Americas, Japan


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