MC24XS4: 24V Multipurpose Low RDSON eXtreme Switch


NXP® MC24XS4 Product image

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> MC24XS4 Product image

Lighting Reference Design Featuring 12 V eXtreme Switch -Demo


36 V eXtreme Switch Tower® System Module - Demo



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Comparison Table


Product # of outputs RDSon (mOhm) Package Suggested tool
MC06XS4200 Dual 2 x 6.0 PQFN 23 KIT06XS4200EVBE
MC10XS4200 Dual 2 x 10.0 PQFN 23 KIT10XS4200EVBE
MC20XS4200 Dual 2 x 20.0 PQFN 23 KIT20XS4200EVBE
MC22XS4200 Dual 2 x 20.0 SOIC-EP 32 KIT22XS4200EKEVB
MC50XS4200 Dual 2 x 50.0 SOIC-EP 32 KIT50XS4200EKEVB