Bipolar transistors

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Maintaining a strong position in bipolar transistors

NXP maintains a strong position in bipolar transistors with best in class performing power bipolar transistors, a wide range of small signal bipolar transistors including our Breakthrough In Small Signal range, space and cost saving resistor-equipped transistors and a host of RF wideband transistor options.

New and updated products


40 V, 600 mA, double NPN switching transistor


40V, 600 mA double PNP switching transistor

Featured product

BC847BMB - 45 V, 100 mA NPN general-purpose transistor

Datasheet (pdf)

NPN general-purpose transistors in a leadless, ultra small DFN1006B-3 (SOT883B) SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) plastic package. Low package height of 0.37 mm and power dissipation comparable to SOT23. Also AEC-Q101 qualified.

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Descriptive summary

Bipolar power transistors

Offering best in class performance, easier circuit design and reduced component costs, NXP's low power loss, fast bipolar families of high-voltage transistors are ideally suited to high frequency switching in any powered application. This makes them ideal for a host of power sensitive applications, including portable products, telecom and automotive systems, and household appliances, where low heat dissipation is often a critical factor.

Bipolar small signal transistors

Choose the perfect solution from our ranges of general-purpose, Darlington, high-voltage, low-noise, switching, medium-frequency and matched pair transistors.

BISS transistors

BISS transistors deliver exceptionally low power consumption and have a high collector current capability (due to an innovative mesh-emitter technology).


RETs make excellent space- and cost-saving solutions, reducing your component count and simplifying circuit design. Our extensive catalogue contains some 400 products, so you can find exactly what's best for your application.

RF wideband transistors

Classified according to transition frequency and noise / gain performance, our wideband transistors offer a host of package, process and specifications options.

Demo boards

Board imageType numberDescriptionStatusQuick access
OM7690Low noise amplifier for 2.3 GHz to 2.7 GHz using BFU730FProductionOrder demo boards
OM7691Single stage 5-6 GHz WLAN LNA using BFU730FProductionOrder demo boards
OM7692LNA evaluation board for BFU690 in the frequency range of 2.33 GHzProductionOrder demo boards
OM7693Second stage Ku band LNA using BFU730F in a LNB satellite applicationProductionOrder demo boards
OM7827RF Transistor Starter kit for NXP RF wideband transistors BFU6x0F and BFU7x0FProductionOrder demo boards
OM7836BFU730LX bipolar transistor evaluation kitProduction
OM7960Low noise amplifier BFU520W, BFU530W and BFU550W customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT323 packageProductionOrder demo boards
OM7961Low noise amplifier BFU520A, BFU530A and BFU550A customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT23 packageProductionOrder demo boards
OM7962Low noise amplifier BFU520, BFU530 and BFU550 customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT143 packageProductionOrder demo boards
OM7963Low noise amplifier BFU520X, BFU530X and BFU550X customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT143X packageProductionOrder demo boards
OM7964Low noise amplifier BFU520XR, BFU530XR and BFU550XR customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT143XR packageProductionOrder demo boards

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