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Bipolar Transistors

Best in class performing power bipolar transistors, a wide range of small signal bipolar transistors including our Breakthrough In Small Signal range, space and cost saving resistor-equipped transistors and a host of RF wideband transistor options

General Purpose Bipolar Transistors

Ranges of general-purpose, Darlington, high-voltage, low-noise, switching, medium-frequency and matched pair transistors.

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High Voltage, Bipolar Transistors
  • Choice of load current (IT) capabilities from 0.8 A up to 25 A
  • Optimized system cost
  • Superior reliability and product quality
  • Fast Switching
  • Best fit for high frequency operation
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Low VCEsat (BISS) Transistors
  • Low collector-emitter saturation voltage, VCEsat, and corresponding resistance
  • Optimum power performance while saving space
  • High collector current capability IC and ICM
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Resistor-equipped Transistors (RETs)
  • ± 10% resistance ratio tolerance
  • Reduces pick and place costs
  • Built-in bias resistors
  • 100 mA, 500 mA and up to 800 mA output current capability
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RF Bipolar Transistors
  • 40/110 GHz transition frequency allows for applications up to 18 GHz and beyond
  • High gain of 13.5 dB at 12 GHz with a low noise figure of 1.45 dB
  • High linearity of 34 dBm (OIP3) at 1.8 GHz
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Bipolar Transistors

Design Resources

  • Boards
    • OM7690: Low noise amplifier for 2.3 GHz to 2.7 GHz using BFU730F
    • OM7691: Single stage 5-6 GHz WLAN LNA using BFU730F
    • OM7692: LNA evaluation board for BFU690 in the frequency range of 2.33 GHz
    • OM7693: Second stage Ku band LNA using BFU730F in a LNB satellite application
    • OM7827: RF Transistor Starter kit for NXP RF wideband transistors BFU6x0F and BFU7x0F
    • OM7836: BFU730LX bipolar transistor evaluation kit
    • OM7960: Low noise amplifier BFU520W, BFU530W and BFU550W customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT323 package
    • OM7961: Low noise amplifier BFU520A, BFU530A and BFU550A customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT23 package
    • OM7962: Low noise amplifier BFU520, BFU530 and BFU550 customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT143 package
    • OM7963: Low noise amplifier BFU520X, BFU530X and BFU550X customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT143X package
    • OM7964: Low noise amplifier BFU520XR, BFU530XR and BFU550XR customer evaluation kit for transistors in SOT143XR package
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Featured Products

  • BC847BMB
    45 V, 100 mA NPN general-purpose transistors
  • BC856BM
    60 V, 100 mA PNP general-purpose transistor