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Choose from our comprehensive range of high quality diodes for all applications. We are continually innovating, improving established favorites by reducing power consumption and size while boosting performance and reliability. Our devices ensure your systems meet the growing demands of a highly competitive marketplace.

Bandswitching Diodes
  • Reliable volume supplier
  • Short leadtimes
  • Low series Inductance
  • Low Insertion loss
  • Low capacitance and high reverse Isolation
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General Purpose Schottky Diodes < 250 mA
  • Integrated guard ring for stress protection
  • Higher efficiency
  • Ultra-small, low-profile surface-mount package
  • Broad portfolio
  • Low forward voltage drop
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PIN Diodes
  • Very low series inductance
  • Short leadtimes
  • Low forward resistance (RD) and diode capacitance (Cd)
  • Broad portfolio
  • Operate up to 3 GHz
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Switching Diodes
  • Comprehensive range of packages and configurations
  • Supports customized high density circuit designs
  • Low-leakage and high-voltage types available
  • High switching speeds
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Zener Diodes
  • Comprehensive range of package and power dissipation options
  • Realization of customized, effective protection in small scaled, high density circuit designs
  • Wide range of working voltages
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Varicap Diodes
  • Excellent matching
  • Excellent linearity and matching
  • Very small and leadless SMD packages
  • Very low series resistance
  • Complete portfolio covering a wide range of applications
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Schottky diodes (low capacitance RF)
  • Low diode capacitance( <1 pF)
  • (Very) low diode capacitance
  • Low forward voltage
  • (Very) low forward voltage
  • Ultra-high switching speed
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Medium Power Schottky Diodes ≥ 200 mA
  • Very low forward voltage-drop, VF
  • High efficiency due to extremely low forward voltage
  • High continuous current capability, IF
  • Small and ultra small, low profile surface mount package
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