Logic Level Translators

A wide range of bi-directional non-inverting level shifter and translator circuits.

Bi-directional level shifter and translator circuits are used to interface between applications with different supply voltage and input-output voltage levels.

NXP's bi-directional level shifter, translator options include variants of bit width ranging from single bit to 32-bit. Translators, including auto-direction sensing options are available in a range of families, providing bi-directional translation between 0.8 V to 5.5 V.

Translators are available in standard logic and innovative PicoGate packages. Smaller leadless MicroPak, WLCSP and DQFN packages are available for PCB space saving.


  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Low propagation delay
  • Low power suspend mode
  • Auto-direction sensing
  • 3-state output options
  • Overvoltage tolerant options

Target Applications

  • I2C
  • Cell phone
  • LCD TV
  • STB
  • Personal computing

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