NextPowerS3 low voltage, high current, fast switching power MOSFETs

The industry's first power MOSFET range to offer "no compromise" parameter selection.

NextPowerS3 MOSFETs

Until now power engineers have had to choose between competing MOSFET capabilities, such as low RDSon vs. low Qg (Tot), or fast-switching vs. low spiking, ultimately leading to products that are compromised in terms of efficiency, size and cost. The unique super-junction design of NextPowerS3 devices removes such limitations, enabling new performance levels across a wide range applications including high efficiency power supplies for telecoms and cloud computing, high performance portable computing and battery-powered motor control, such as rechargeable power tools.


  • Low RDSon AND low Qg
  • Down to 0.7mΩ AND strong SOA
  • Integrated Schottky-like performance AND low IDSS
  • Fast switching AND soft recovery
  • Up to 300 A ID (max) AND high avalanche energy
  • Available in 25 V, 30 V and 40 V


  • High efficiency DC:DC convertors, point-of-load modules, voltage regulators, buck regulators and synchronous rectifiers
  • High performance hot-swap, soft-start, load switch and e-fuse applications
  • Motor control and battery protection circuits

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