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Discretes and Logic

Bipolar transistors, diodes, ESD protection, filtering and signal conditioning, Standard Logic / Picogate Logic and MOSFETs product offerings

ESD Protection, TVS, Filtering and Signal Conditioning
  • Extensive range of ESD protection and signal conditioning devices
  • Ultra small form factors with low line capacitance and excellent ESD protection
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  • Wide range of general purpose and dedicated power MOSFET solutions
  • World-leading range of LDMOS power transistors
  • Field-proven small-signal FETs
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  • Comprehensive product portfolio including industry-leading HC(T) and LVC families
  • Translator and bus switch functions
  • Ultra-compact DQFN, HVQFN, and MicroPak XSON
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Bipolar Transistors
  • Power bipolar transistors
  • Wide range of small signal bipolar transistors
  • Breakthrough In Small Signal range
  • Host of RF wideband transistor options
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  • High quality diodes for all applications
  • Small-signal, power and RF diodes
  • Varicap, PIN and bandswitching diodes
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