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Remote Keyless Entry

With a range of security transponders, encryption and challenge/response systems as well as matching base station ICs, NXP leads the immobilizer market and continues to drive it, developing ICs for the next generation of remote keyless and passive entry systems.

Transponder-based car immobilization systems have helped reduce car theft by more than 90% since they were first introduced to the market. NXP Semiconductors offers transponders and readers delivering security and convenience in car access systems. We also offer solutions for car body and car component identification applications.

Combining access and immobilizer functions, our latest IC for remote keyless entry features a RISC processor, providing the highest flexibility and functionality in a car key. Our next generation devices for passive entry systems provide the ultimate in convenience, recognizing drivers and opening the car as they approach, and automatically locking the car, turning off the lights and enabling the alarm when they leave.


Our first-generation immobilizer family (including a read-only and a read/write transponder) is already in use in a number of cars. Our second-generation SECT and HITAG transponders include a challenge-response authentication function, delivering improved security, while our advanced basestation IC ensures outstanding system performance and simple application. Drawing on our complete 'systems-on-silicon' competency, NXP Semiconductors provides comprehensive solutions for passive entry and keyless ignition systems, for the highest levels of security and convenience in car access.


  • Easily embedded into car keys
  • No batteries required
  • Mutual authentication using state of the art cryptologic algorithms
  • Highly integrated base station ICs meet the strict quality standards required by the automotive industry, while keeping costs to a minimum

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