Choose from a complete range of ICs for smart cards, tags, labels and readers, featuring many coprocessor, security, memory and interface options. We address all your needs, from low-cost smart label ICs for high-volume supply chain management applications through to our next generation 32-bit smart-computing platform for powerful multi-application smart cards.

Smart Label and Tag ICs

Smart card controllers and security ICs

For applications demanding the highest security and reliability (e.g. smart cards, secure dongles, SAM modules...) we provide different platforms according to application needs ranging from our well established WE-contact controller family to our SmartMX and SmartXA devices.

Contactless memory ICs

Our MIFARE contactless smart card ICs provide the most advanced combination of security and convenience for contactless interfacing in accordance with the ISO 14443A interface standard. Our ICODE and UCODE families of RFID ICs are specifically designed for high-volume smart label applications. In addition our HITAG family of ICs, with an operating range of more than one meter, provides a robust solution for tracking and logistics applications.


Completing our smart card and tag and label platforms, we offer a comprehensive range of contact and contactless reader ICs for all identification applications.

Car access and immobilization

NXP Semiconductors leads the car access and immobilization markets with a broad range of products for automotive system manufacturers and car key manufacturers.

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