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I2C-bus Portfolio

General Purpose I/O (GPIO)

Increase the number of pins on your micro

Multiplexers & Switches

NXP’s I2C –bus enablers for complex bus topologies

LCD Display Drivers

LCD Segment, Character and Graphic Drivers

Real Time Clocks (RTC)

Precision time keeping

LED Display Control

Connect LEDs directly and control their brightness & color


Accurate temperature readings in any environment

Voltage Level

Convert I2C signals to and
from different supply voltages

Buffers, Repeaters, Hubs & Extenders

Increase the strength of your I2C-bus

NXP® continues its leading position in I2C-bus devices, offering you a vast portfolio for all of your design needs.

NXP’s I/O expander (GPIO) drives LED and monitors switches without using any microprocessor pins.

I2C -bus multiplexers and switches connect an upstream I2C -bus to any combination of downstream I2C busses.

LCD display drivers for a variety of applications. AEC-Q100 qualified versions available

RTCs to suit applications needing accurate time keeping: ultra-low power, high-temperature tolerant, temperature compensated, and high-accuracy

Bridge ICs allow designers to connect together devices that use different serial buses. Interface between standard parallel bus and the serial I2C –bus.

I2C-bus functions for any system. Serial EEProms to store configuration data and DIP switches for replacement of mechanical switches

LED controllers/drivers for blinking, dimming, and color mixing LEDs. Using I2C LED controllers frees the microprocessor for other purposes.

NXP I2C -bus interface temperature sensors offer high-resolution solutions for your thermal management needs – from process control to computing applications.

NXP voltage level translators allow easy connection of I2C signals between a wide range of supply voltage domains.

Buffer I2C signals for a more reliable system and better nosie immunity. Drive I2C signals across a backplane or even further.

I2C-bus Portfolio

  • I²C Bus Controller and Bridge ICs
  • I²C Bus Repeaters/Hubs/Extenders
  • I²C DACs and ADCs
  • I²C DIP Switch
  • I²C Fast-Mode Plus
  • I²C General Purpose I/O
  • I²C Multiplexers/Switches
  • I²C Real-Time Clocks (RTC)
  • I²C Serial EEPROM/RAM
  • I²C Temperature/Voltage Monitors
  • I²C Voltage Level Translators
  • I²C LED Display Control

Featured Products

  • PCA9955BTW
    16-channel Fm+ I2C-bus 57 mA/20 V constant current LED driver
  • PCA9956BTW
    24-channel Fm+ I2C-bus 57 mA/20 V constant current LED driver