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Lots of devices covering a very wide range of interfacing needs

Check out NXP’s extensive portfolio for all your interface and connectivity needs. Our devices include broadband communication ICs, transceivers and fail-safe SBCs for automotive, video SERDES, and many, many more, such as extensive solutions for the ubiquitous connectivity standards of UART, SPI, HDMI and I2C.

New and updated products


eDP to LVDS bridge for industrial and embedded applications


Automotive 18 x 4 LCD segment driver

Design tools & Assets

A central place for your design support and tooling. For today´s short product development cycles, NXP helps you with this portal to simplify your design.
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View or download the latest product and application modules; developed by engineers for engineers

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In this section you can find the shows and events where you can meet NXP

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Demo boards

Type numberDescriptionStatusQuick access
CLEV663Contactless reader evaluation board 
CLEV663BCLRC663 reader board stacked on top of LPC-Link board supporting NXP's ARM-based microcontrollers 
MFEV700PEGODA Contactless Smart Card Reader based on CLRC632 
MFEV710Contactless Smart Card Reader based on MFRC523 
OM11059Demoboard for the SPI RTC PCF85063BTL 
OM11059AOM11059A demoboard for the I²C RTC PCF85063TP and PCF85063ATL 
OM13257Universal Temperature Sensor Daughter Card for the Fm+ Development Kit 
OM13320I²C Fm+ Development Board Kit OM13320 
OM13488Universal 8-bit GPIO Daughter Card for the Fm+ Development Board 
OM13489Universal 16-bit GPIO Daughter Card for the Fm+ Development Board 
OM13491Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13491 
OM13492Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13492 
OM13493Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13493 
OM13494Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13494 
OM13495Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13495 
OM13496Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13496 
OM13497Surface Mount to DIP Evaluation Board OM13497 
OM13500PCA9620 evaluation board OM13500 
OM13500APCA8537 and PCF8537 evaluation board OM13500A 
OM13501PCA8538 evaluation board OM13501 
OM13501APCA8538 evaluation board OM13501A 
OM13502OM13502: PCA2117 demo board 
OM13503OM13503: PCA8539 demo board 
OM13510PCF85263A I²C-bus evaluation board OM13510 
OM13512Demo board OM13512 for the SPI-bus RTC PCF2123 
OM13513RTC demo board OM13513 containing PCF2127T and PCF2129AT 
OM13514PC evaluation board OM13514 for the I²C-bus RTC PCF85363A 
OM13515I²C-bus RTC demo board OM13515 
OM13518Universal USB-I²C-bus interface dongle OM13518 with a GUI for the RTCs PCF85263 and PCF85363 
OM5597Point of Sales Reference Design 
OM6275NXP I²C demonstration board 2005-1 kit 
PNEV512BPN512 reader board 
PNEV512RExplore NFC – Exclusive from element14 
PREV601Board implements a PRH601 including matched antenna for 13.56MHz 
PREV601MBoard implements a PR601 including antenna for 13.56Mhz reader applications. 
PTEV501BPT501 Universal NFC card emulation and NFC peer-to-peer board 

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