USB Type-C Signal Conditioners - USB 3.0

A USB signal conditioner is an active signal regenerator which utilizes equalizer and amplifier to reshape the bypassed signal in order to remove jitters and reopen the differential signal eyes for longer channel transmission and reduce the bit error rate. Type-C connector use case would need to transmit or receive USB3 signals through connector, Type-C switch and long trace length. The USB3 redriver can improve the signal eye diagram, extend the link distance and help to pass compliance test.

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  • NXP® provides complete USB3.0 signal conditioners from single channel and dual channel configurations in different packages
  • NXP’s signal conditioners provide high performance features:
    • Programmable equalizer and amplitude settings
    • Ultra low active and standby power consumption
    • Small outline packages

Target Applications

  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Docking
  • Smartphone
  • Printer
  • Accessories
  • Cables
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