NXP’s high efficient GreenChip QR/DCM Flyback controller TEA1836 in combination with NXP’s Synchronous Rectifier TEA1892 guarantee highest possible efficiency combined with very low stand-by power. Multiple output voltages as defined in the USB-PD standard provide a challenge to meet energy regulations like Energy star, the US Department of Energy (DoE) regulation and the European Code of Conduct (CoC). NXP’s GreenChip solutions help to meet those requirements.

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  • NXP® has a proven track record on high efficiency, low-power standby solutions in Power Supplies and is once more leading the industry with the current offering of the TEA1836 & TEA1892.

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TEA18361LT GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA18361T GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA18362LT GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA18362T GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA18363LT GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA18363T GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA1892ATS GreenChip synchronous rectifier controller
TEA1892TS GreenChip synchronous rectifier controller