USB Type-C High Bandwidth Signal Switches

A signal switch provides signal multiplex or de-multiplex function in order to redirect the transmitted signals to same connection port (multiplex switch) or different connection ports (de-multiplex switch). This is needed for Type-C connector to support “Alternate Mode” or “plug flippable” functions, either multiplex or de-multiplex switch function will be used, or sometimes these functions are combined together to become a cross-point switch.

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  • Signal switch has no signal regeneration function, and it works at transistor level to redirect the passed signal. The switch architecture design highly impacts the bypassed signal integrity.
  • NXP’s signal switches provide best-in-class high performance features:
    • High signal bandwidth
    • Low return loss
    • Low crosstalk
    • Low jitter disturbance

Target Applications

  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Docking
  • Smartphone
  • Printer
  • Accessories
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