Our Class-D car audio amplifiers combine high audio quality with significantly reduced heat dissipation in the vehicle head unit, which simplifies thermal management while reducing the size and cost of high-power car audio systems. This efficiency also helps designers manage in-car energy consumption.


  • Advanced protections against audio holes and pop noise
  • Analog and digital inputs
  • Packages support single-layer PCB designs
  • Pin-to-pin compatible families
  • Automotive qualified AEC–Q100

Target Applications

  • CD / tuner head units
  • Multi-channel amplifiers
  • Aftermarket car-audio systems

Product Order Description
TDF8530TH I²C-bus controlled quad channel 45 W / 2 Ω class-D power amplifier with full diagnostics
TDF8590TH 2 X 80 W SE (4 Ω) or 1 X 160 W BTL (8 Ω) class-D amplifier
TDF8591TH 2 x 100 W SE (4 Ohm) or 1 x 310 W BTL (4 Ohm) class-D amplifier
TDF8597TH I²C-bus controlled dual channel 43 W/2 Ω, single channel 85 W/1 Ω class-D power amplifier with full diagnostics
TDF8599 I2C-bus controlled dual channel 43 W/2 Ohm single channel85 W/1 Ohm class-D power amplifier with load diagnostics