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Data Converters

An acknowledged leader in data converter design with years of experience in analog technologies, NXP® offers an extensive portfolio of high quality data conversion solutions. Within our range you'll find devices for both professional and consumer systems; from turnkey solutions to dedicated products that meet the needs of specific applications in fields such as audio, video, digital imaging and RF.

New architectures using advanced CMOS and BiCMOS manufacturing processes ensure our converters deliver the highest performance at competitive prices. In addition, our highly integrated converters and cost-effective system-on-silicon solutions greatly simplify circuit design and give you a real advantage in the marketplace.

Superior selection and support

In a field requiring expertise in many technologies, NXP offers you a depth of experience and range of solutions unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. When designing and manufacturing integrated front-ends, our extensive system and application knowledge is always there to help you.

ace awards 2012 finalist


  • Portfolio covers widest dynamic range in the industry
  • Everything from complete turnkey solutions to customer-specific designs
  • Highest resolution and sampling rates
  • Extensive system and application support
  • Advanced CMOS and BiCMOS processes
  • High levels of integration simplify design

Target Applications

  • TV and HD-TV, LCD monitors, video projectors and general video applications
  • Digital imaging including camcorders, PC video cameras, and professional and digital still cameras
  • Medical imaging
  • Cellular infrastructure, high data-rate radio services, broadband TV reception, and test and measurement applications

Data Converters

Product Order Description
SAA7105H Digital video encoder
SGTL5000 The NXP® SGTL5000 is a low-power stereo codec is designed to provide a comprehensive audio solution for portable products.
UDA1330ATS Low-cost stereo filter DAC
UDA1334ATS Low power audio DAC with PLL
UDA1334BT Low power audio DAC
UDA1334BTS Low power audio DAC
UDA1338H Multichannel audio coder-decoder
UDA1341TS Economy audio CODEC for MiniDisc (MD) home stereo and portable applications
UDA1344TS Low-voltage low-power stereo audio CODEC with DSP features
UDA1345TS Economy audio CODEC
UDA1352TS 48 kHz IEC 60958 audio DAC
UDA1355H Stereo audio codec with SPDIF interface
UDA1361TS 96 kHz sampling 24-bit stereo audio ADC
UDA1380HN Stereo audio coder-decoder for MD, CD and MP3