i.MX25 Processors: Point of Sale (POS) Applications, ARM9™ Core

i.MX25 for Industrial and General Embedded

The i.MX25 family of multimedia applications processors extends our ARM9™ portfolio and makes the industrial and general embedded market a key focus of i.MX with the integration of many new features. Speed up to 400 MHz, low power consumption and multiple connectivity options support the growing needs of industrial and general embedded products, while allowing customers to reduce their overall system bill of materials cost.

The i.MX258 processor provides additional security features making it the ideal solution for payment terminal (POS), or any other type of product needing secure system boot and tamper detection.

i.MX25 for Automotive

Today's drivers expect more connectivity in more places from more things-phones, media players and, increasingly, cars. Bluetooth® connectivity is becoming the norm as more people keep their hands on the wheel instead of on the phone. Connectivity and compatibility with media players is becoming a requirement as consumers' media investment goes digital.

The challenge: How can designers support high-end features such as connectivity and media playback without charging high-end prices? The i.MX25 family of processors offers integration that tailors itself to the connectivity requirements of today's automobile but eliminates expensive parts not needed for a cost-conscious infotainment system.


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