i.MX27 Processors based on ARM9™ Core

The i.MX27 multimedia applications processors balance high performance with low power consumption through an intelligent combination of delicated hardware video accelerators and a fast ARM926EJ-S core. Both the i.MX27 and the i.MX27L processors provide an array of connectivity options and robust security.

The rich feature set of the i.MX27 processors make them an excellent choice for video- and voiceover- IP (V2IP) cordless and mobile phones, intelligent remote controls, point-of-sale terminals, control devices, low- to mid-end PNDs and many other wireless applications.

i.MX27 Product Development Kit

Packed with powerful enablement technologies, i.MX PDKs are completely integrated hardware and software solutions. There comprehensive develpment kits enable you to reduce development time and design products that have power to spare, even when running multiple applications simultaneously.

The i.MX27 PDK is a “form factor” development kit built on the powerful ARM9 based i.MX27 applications processor. Preconfigured with your choise of Linux® or Windows® Embedded CE 6.0, the i.MX27 PDK is deal for a wide range of multimedia and connectivity applications.

i.MX27 products

  • i.MX27: Multimedia Applications Processor
  • i.MX27L: Multimedia Applications Processor


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