KL4x: Kinetis® KL4x-48 MHz, USB, Segment LCD, Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Core


Kinetis® L Series KL4x MCUs Block Diagram

Kinetis<sup>&#174;</sup> L Series KL4x MCUs Block Diagram

Performance tests for Kinetis® L Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers - Demo


What is the Plus For Kinetis® L Ultra Low Power ARM Cortex-M0+ - Introduction


Kinetis® L Series MCUs: Energy-Efficiency Benchmark - Demo


IAR tools for ARM devices and the Push for Green Energy and Low Power: FTF 2012 - Interview


Why You Should Choose Kinetis® L Series Ultra Low Power MCUs: FTF 2012 - Interview


Kinetis® L Series Entertaining MCUs


Energy Efficiency - Kinetis® vs. Competitors - Demo



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Energy Efficiency Quick Facts

  • Built on the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor- the most energy-efficient 32-bit processor on the market with industry leading throughput/mA
  • Ultra-low power modes - several, flexible power modes fit for different application use cases designed to maximize battery life
  • Energy-saving peripherals - smart peripherals with functionality in deep sleep modes can make intelligent decisions and process data without waking up the core

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  • Software Development Kit for Kinetis<sup>®</sup> MCUs

    Kinetis SDK
    Software support and application development is offered through the Kinetis software development kit (SDK)

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