USB-KW24D512: IEEE® 802.15.4 Packet Sniffer USB Dongle Form Factor



USB-KW24D512 Packet Sniffer/Dongle

USB-KW24D512 Packet Sniffer/Dongle

Kit Contains

  • USB-KW24D512 packet sniffer/dongle
  • Quick start guide

Supported Devices

  • KW2xD: Kinetis® KW2xD-2.4 GHz 802.15.4 Wireless Radio Microcontroller (MCU) based on ARM® Cortex®-M4 Core

Target Applications


  1. Activity and Wellness Monitor

Home and Building Control

  1. Access and Remote Control

Power & Energy

  1. Thermostat

Get Started

Get started with the Kinetis MKW2xD and MCR20A Connectivity Software

Kinetis MKW2xD and MCR20A Connectivity Software Package Version 1.0.0 includes the following components:

  • MKW2xD and MCR20A IEEE® 802.15.4-2006/2011 MAC/PHY implementation v5.0.4
  • MKW2xD and MCR20A Simple Media Access Controller (SMAC) v3.0.4
  • MKW2xD and MCR20A-enabled Connectivity Framework v5.0.4

Get Started with the USB-K24D512 USB packet sniffer/dongle

The USB-KW24D512 development platform comes pre-programmed with the sniffer application to provide a demonstration of the device's capabilities.

This collection of resources includes:

  • A quick start guide with step-by-step instructions on how to set up the USB-KW24D512 and run the default demonstration
  • Precompiled demonstration software

Download and install BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit.

  • USB-KW24D512 Reference Design
  • USB Stick Reference Design containing: design files, gerber files and schematics
  • Type: Printed Circuit Boards for Reference Designs
  • BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit
  • A standalone software application, the BeeKit toolkit provides a development environment where design considerations can be managed in a straightforward, uncomplicated approach.
  • Type: Board Support Packages Software vendor: NXP Semiconductor, Inc

Featured Software

  • Software Development Kit for Kinetis<sup>®</sup> MCUs

    Kinetis SDK
    Software support and application development is offered through the Kinetis software development kit (SDK)