S32 ARM Processors & Microcontrollers

S32V200 Solutions for ADAS based on ARM® Cortex®-A Cores

The S32V200 family of processors are robust, efficient, flexible solutions for Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) including applications like pedestrian detection, object detection, lane departure warning, smart head beam control and traffic sign recognition, amongst others.


  • S32V230: S32V230 Family of Processors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
S32K 32-bit Automotive General Purpose Microcontrollers

The high performance S32K microcontrollers based on ARM Cortex-M cores span a very broad product series which can cover multiple applications areas from body and chassis control over touch sensing interface to some powertrain applications needing electrical motor control features.

The safety and security features enable its use in airbag applications as well as in immobilizers where secure communication and integrity of the system is required.


  • S32K: 32-bit Automotive General Purpose Microcontrollers

Featured Application

  • Mid/High Line Instrument Cluster

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Doors, Window Lift and Seat Control

    Doors, Window Lift and Seat Control

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