S08MP: 8-bit General Purpose MP MCUs


NXP® S08MP Microcontroller Block Diagram

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> S08MP Microcontroller Block Diagram


Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Budgetary Price ($US) 1.82, 1.327, 1.38
Internal Flash (KB) 16
GPIOs 40, 25
Additional Features COP, KBI, Watchdog OSC/Timer, Analog Comparator, Internal Clock Generator, Temperature Sensor, PGA

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Target Applications

  • Automotive
    • Lighting
    • Doors, Window Lift and Seat Control
    • Automotive Electrical Fuel Pump
    • Automotive Fan Control
  • Consumer
    • Small Appliances
  • Industrial
    • HVAC Building and Control Systems
    • Industrial Drivers/Fans/Pumps
  • Motor Control
    • Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor
    • Universal Motor
    • Stepper Motor
    • 3-Phase AC Induction Motor
    • 1-Phase AC Induction Motor

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