NXP® S08QB Microcontroller Block Diagram

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> S08QB Microcontroller Block Diagram


Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Budgetary Price ($US) 0.721, 0.866, 0.783, 0.773, 0.938, 0.845
Internal Flash (KB) 4, 8
GPIOs 20, 24, 14
Additional Features Analog Comparator, COP, KBI, Low Voltage Detect, ICS

Energy Efficient Solutions Quick Facts

  • 6us wake up time allows an application to wake up, perform task and quickly go back to sleep, thus saving power.
  • CPU and peripherals can run with the voltage regulator in low-power mode to allow full functionality at reduced frequency for lower power operation.
  • User–selectable peripheral clock gating saves power in run and wait modes.
  • Ultra-low-power, real–time counter can be used with low-power oscillator, internal or external clock sources in run, wait and stop modes.
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  • Consumer
    • Remote Controls
    • Toys
    • Smoke Detectors
    • Residential/Commercial Garage Door Openers
    • Remote Window Shutters
  • Industrial
    • Gas and Water Meter