JN516X-EK001: Evaluation kit - ZigBee, JenNet-IP, or IEEE 802.15.4 network



Evaluation kit JN516X-EK001

Evaluation kit JN516X-EK001

Kit Contains

  • Network sniffer license from Ubilogix **
  • Multiple demos
    • The Smart Lighting demo, which makes use of nearly all the kit's components, is a JenNet-IP demo that uses the router to support connection to a WLAN or the Internet. The evaluation kit can easily be Flash programmed for use with ZigBee LL, ZigBee SE, or RF4CE demos.
    • The ZigBee SE demo lets the user experiment with an energy service portal (via the USB dongle), an in-premise display (using the display expansion board), standalone meters for electricity and gas, or a range extender. The ZigBee LL demo gives the designer remote control of color LEDs on the lighting expansion board.
    • The RF4CE demo lets the user select, play, forward, stop, pause, or change the volume on a Windows media player.

**Free for use for 45 days, that works with the second USB dongle as the primary device.

Supported Devices

  • JN5161: IEEE802.15.4 wireless microcontroller with 64 kB Flash, 8 kB RAM
  • JN5164: ZigBee and IEEE802.15.4 wireless microcontroller with 160 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM
  • JN5168: ZigBee and IEEE802.15.4 wireless microcontroller with 256 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM

Target Applications

  • "Internet of Things"
  • JenNet-IP
  • ZigBee LightLink (LL)
  • ZigBee Smart Energy (SE)
  • RF4CE
  • Home and building automation
  • Smart lighting
  • Remote controls
  • Smart energy
  • Wireless sensor networks

Internet of Things

  1. JenNet-IP
  2. ZigBee LightLink (LL)
  3. ZigBee Smart Energy (SE)
  4. RF4CE
  5. Home and building automation
  6. Smart lighting
  7. Remote controls
  8. Smart energy
  9. Wireless sensor networks