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ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers (MCUs)

ColdFire® V1 Core brings 8-bit ease of use to 32-bit performance

Entry-level 32-bit ColdFire embedded controllers that combine high performance and extended functionality with the flexibility of advanced flash memory technology in a compact, inexpensive package.

The ColdFire V1 core is the missing link in Our Controller Continuum, the industry's first 8/32-bit compatible architectures. Embedded controllers utilizing the V1 core will share common peripherals and development tools with our S08 8-bit architecture, providing pin-for-pin compatibility for easier migration to 32-bit performance.

Designed for 32-bit entry-level applications, the V1 core is a simplified version of the ColdFire V2 core. It features improved handling of byte (8-bit) and word (16-bit) operands, while maintaining the same addressing modes and instruction definitions of the ColdFire architecture. By making multiply-accumulate (MAC), enhanced MAC (eMAC) and divide (DIV) functions optional, designers can minimize cost in applications that don't require enhanced processing performance.

The ColdFire V1 core utilizes the S08 single-pin background debug module (BDM) for package pin compatibility. This updated debug interface implements a buffer for BDM-readable trace functionality, while maintaining minimum processor overhead.

The V1 core leverages the 2-stage instruction fetch pipeline and 2-stage operand execution pipeline featured in the ColdFire V2 microarchitecture. With a standardized 8-bit bus to S08 peripherals and tightly-coupled 32-bit local memories (flash and SRAM), the V1 core provides an ideal entry point to 32-bit performance. Upward compatibility to all other ColdFire cores (V2 – V4) ensures designs have a roadmap to higher performance.

V1 MCUs products

  • MCF51AC: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
  • MCF51AG: 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
  • MCF51CN128: 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
  • MCF51EM: MCF51EM256 32-bit MCU for Smart Meter Applications
  • MCF51JE: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire® V1 Microcontrollers
  • MCF51JM: Flexis 32-bit V1 ColdFire USB Microcontroller
  • MCF51MM: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire V1 MCUs
  • MCF51QE: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire V1 Microcontroller

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