MCF51AC: Flexis 32-bit ColdFire. V1 Microcontrollers


ColdFire® MCF51AC Microcontrollers Block Diagram

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF51AC Microcontrollers Block Diagram

ColdFire® MCF51AC Microcontrollers Product Image

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF51AC Microcontrollers Product Image


Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Budgetary Price ($US) 4.285, 4.449, 3.936, 4.49, 4.5, 4.233, 4.705, 4.131, 4.172, 3.977, 3.485, 3.7, 3.885, 4.182, 3.987, 3.762, 3.752, 4.039, 4.377
Bus Frequency (Max) (MHz) 25
Internal Flash (KB) 256, 128
Internal RAM (KB) 32, 16
GPIOs 54, 70, 36

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MCF51AC Family Members

Features MCF51AC256 MCF51AC128
CORE Speed (MHz) 50 50
FLASH 256,000 128,000
RAM 32,000 32,000/16,000
GPIO 69/54 69/54
RGPIO 16 16
KBI 8 8
ADC Channels (12-bit) 24 24
ACMP 2 2
Serial Communications I²C
FlexTimer Module (FTM) FTM1 6-channels
FTM2 up to 6-channels
FTM1 6-channels
FTM2 up to 6-channels
Timers (TPM) Two Timer 2-channels Two Timer 2-channels
Package 80-Pin LQFP
64-Pin LQFP
64-Pin QFP
80-Pin LQFP
64-Pin LQFP
64-Pin QFP

1 .- The members of MCF51AC128 with CAN support have 32 KB RAM. The other members have 16 KB RAM and not all members of the family support CAN

The EMC performance of an application using this microcontroller is dependent on a number of factors that are outside the control of NXP Semiconductor. These factors include but are not limited to industrial design, mechanical design, printed circuit board design and layout, components, connectors, and cables. NXP Semiconductor is unable to guarantee the EMC performance of any microcontroller in a specific application. Careful consideration must be made when designing any application to ensure the necessary level of EMC. For more information on designing robust EMC systems please refer to application note AN2764.