MCF51JE: Flexis™ 32-bit ColdFire®. V1 Microcontrollers


ColdFire® MCF51JE Microcontroller Block Diagram

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF51JE Microcontroller Block Diagram

Introducing Five New Microcontrollers (MCUs) for Medical Solutions


Medical Solutions: New Products for Medical Device Designers



Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Budgetary Price ($US) 4.103, 4.302, 4.461, 3.903, 4.401, 4.142, 4.351, 3.774, 4.192, 4.093
Bus Frequency (Max) (MHz) 25
Internal Flash (KB) 128, 256
Internal RAM (KB) 32
GPIOs 48, 47, 69, 65

Energy Efficiency Quick Facts

  • The Flexis® JE MCUs offer a complete solution for creating long-lasting portable applications with USB connectivity.
    • Low-power, modified matrix-type resistor-ladder DAC reduces power by a factor of five compared to other DAC implementations
    • VREF power level is configurable
    • Two ultra-low-power stop modes
    • Clock gating registers disable clocks to unused peripherals
  • Learn more about the NXP® energy efficient solutions

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  • Universal Serial Bus (USB)