MCF51EM: MCF51EM256 32-bit MCU for Smart Meter Applications


ColdFire® MCF51EM Microcontroller Block Diagram

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF51EM Microcontroller Block Diagram


Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Budgetary Price ($US) 4.328, 4.058, 3.958, 3.697
Bus Frequency (Max) (MHz) 25
Internal Flash (KB) 256, 128
Internal RAM (KB) 16, 8
GPIOs 47, 40

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CodeWarrior for MCU 10.6

To setup your CodeWarrior development environment for ColdFire applications.

  • Read the document below for download and installation instructions.
  • Download and install the CW MCU v10.6 product.
  • Download and install CW MCU v10.6 Update 1.0.0.