ColdFire® V2 Embedded Processors

Connectivity microprocessor offering up to 159 MIPS of performance. Features Ethernet, USB device, and Encryption. Also contains options with dual Ethernet.

V2 Embedded Processors products

  • MCF520X: Integrated ColdFire V2 External Memory and Ethernet Microprocessors
  • MCF5227X: V2 Microprocessor with Touchscreen, LCD Controller and USB
  • MCF525X: Integrated ColdFire V2 Microprocessor
  • MCF527X: ColdFire V2 Integrated Microprocessor
  • Not Recommended for New Design
    • MCF5206: Integrated ColdFire V2 Microprocessor
    • MCF5206E: Integrated ColdFire Microprocessor with DMA
    • MCF523X: Integrated V2 ColdFire Microprocessor
    • MCF524X: Integrated ColdFire Version 2 Microprocessor
    • SCF5250: Integrated ColdFire V2 Microprocessor


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