MCF5445X: 32-bit Microprocessor with USB On-The-Go, Ethernet, PCI, DDR2/DDR controller and Encryption


ColdFire® MCF5445X Microprocessor Block Diagram

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF5445X Microprocessor Block Diagram

ColdFire® MCF5445X Microprocessor Product Image

ColdFire<sup>&#174;</sup> MCF5445X Microprocessor Product Image


Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Budgetary Price ($US) 14.288, 8.77, 15.388, 12.079, 9.879, 10.979
Bus Frequency (Max) (MHz) 100, 90, 133, 120
Internal RAM (KB) 32
Cache (KB) 32
External Memory Supported DDR
Total DMA Channels 16
GPIOs 132, 93
Additional Features PLL, Random Number Generator, ATA Controller, Memory Management Unit (MMU)

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