e5500 Power Architecture Core Technology

The e5500 Power Architecture core from NXP® introduced 64-bit processing to the QorIQ® family for embedded processing. Based on Power Architecture ISA v2.06, the e5500 core provides a 64-bit performance upgrade critical to compute intensive applications while maintaining 32-bit compatibility to preserve legacy investment in code development.

Combining 64-bit processing with the ability to scale to 2 GHz, the e5500 core delivers twice the performance over previous generation technology. It also has an increased addressable memory space, which is a significant advantage for today's memory-bound systems, and includes a high-performance classic Floating Point Unit (FPU), which is ideal for many industrial and media applications. Furthermore, the e5500 provides hardware hypervisor support to manage resource allocation between cores, creating a compelling solution for multicore applications.

The e5500 core provides system designers with a level of processing performance required for demanding higher-performance embedded systems.

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Customer and Partner Quotes

"NXP's new e5500 64-bit platform is the kind of innovative technology that will help Emerson Network Power to continue to deliver market-leading embedded solutions that cut time-to-market, cost and risk for our OEM customers. Delivering an impressive performance to power ratio, NXP-s QorIQ P5020 device should prove to be an extremely attractive product for inclusion in future Emerson Network Power offerings."

–Dick DuBois, senior vice president of Emerson Network Power-s Embedded Computing business

"The floating point performance levels of NXP's new P5 processors make them a great choice for the demanding requirements of a number of aerospace and defense companies. The fact that the processors consume under 30 watts of power makes them advantageous for applications where size, weight and power profiles are critical."

–Richard Kirk, product manager, Military & Aerospace SBCs, GE Intelligent Platforms

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