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Power Architecture® Processors

QorIQ Processing Platforms

Multicore Power Architecture

QorIQ Qonverge Platform

Combines market-proven Power Architecture cores and high performance StarCore® DSPs

Integrated Host Processors

Power Architecture e600 core

PowerQUICC Processors

Power Architecture core

MPC5xxx/5xxx 32-bit Microcontrollers

Power Architecture e200 and e300 cores

The world's broadest portfolio of processors built on Power Architecture technology, enabling networking, automotive, consumer & industrial applications.

QorIQ Processing Platforms
  • Optimized for intelligent infrastructure and mobile networks
QorIQ Qonverge Platform
  • Highly integrated, comprehensive portfolio of multimode baseband SoC platform solutions
  • Target applications: femtocell, picocell, metrocell and macrocell base station
  • Application accelerators for packet and baseband processing, security and more
Integrated Host Processors
  • Optimized for networking and aerospace and defense applications
PowerQUICC Processors
  • Optimized for networked equipment applications
MPC5xxx/5xxx 32-bit Microcontrollers
  • Optimized for automotive
  • Ultra-reliable processors
  • Scalable, highly integrated solutions
  • Quality and long-term reliability
  • Single to multicore up to 55 nm
  • Functional safety compliance to standards such as ISO 26262

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